Inspired by fellow crafters in the Detroit area, the growing Green movement and the American entrepreneurial spirit, craft artisan Wendi Magee founded Artifex Detroit in 2012. Artifex Detroit was built on the principles of the “buy-local” movement and it was with this in mind that the idea of making bags, cuffs and belts from the seat belts and upholstery of Motor City junk yard cars was born. The name Artifex Detroit was chosen because not only are its products made from the artifacts of the motor city, but the word Artifex is Latin for creative. While keeping these great durable materials out of landfills and free from rust-death, they'll be helping you make an interesting fashion statement. All of Artifex Detroit's pieces are made from American-made products and purchased from local small businesses over corporations whenever possible. You get to look cool and you're contributing to the infamously terrible Michigan economy. Everybody wins.